Settling in

As of yesterday, I have officially completed the first week of my graduate school program! In many ways, this first week has felt pretty surreal — there has been so much information and so many new impressions to take in that I haven’t really been able to process the fact that school has started again and that I have officially embarked on this highly anticipated journey to get my PhD. It’s been such an exciting few days, and I truly can’t wait for the rest of the semester.

I have been absolutely exhausted this whole week. Definitely in part because of the fact that my brain has been working overtime trying to make sense of this new place and this new life that I’ve committed to. But I think that what really got to me was having to go to my first classes, meet all the faculty and students in the department, and getting my mind back into “study gear”, all while I ALSO had to set up my entire apartment. I had so many pieces of IKEA furniture to build, so many boxes to unpack, and so many things to organize not only in my room but in the kitchen as well. Although the whole place was undoubtedly in shambles for the first couple days and it was exhausting for me to set everything up, it is so fun and rewarding now that the place has come together and that my room, especially, is pretty much put together the exact way I wanted it to.

I must admit, however, that part of me is dreading the fact that since I’ve only signed a 12-month lease for this apartment, everything will have to come undone this same time next year. I’ll probably have to take apart most of my IKEA furniture to even be able to get it out of my apartment, which is going to be such a pain. But I guess it’s the kind of situation where knowing that I’m going to have to take everything down in the future isn’t a reason for me to not enjoy it for as long as I am able to still have it. I’m wondering how long it will be until I’m not just living in different apartments for 12 months at a time… But I guess that’s what life is supposed to be like in your 20s anyway.

I figured I’d share some pictures of what my apartment looks like!

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