Life as a grad student

Hi there!

I must admit this feels very strange to me — writing the first post on a blog that I’ve started. Mostly because I have always had a tendency to make fun of bloggers and people who think that their lives are somehow important enough that others would be interested in reading about them on a daily basis (very pretentious, if you ask me). And yet, here I am, writing that first post about my life. I’m still not sure this is for me,  but I figured I would give it a shot.

This summer, I spent a lot of time anticipating the start of this semester and thinking about what an unprecedented moment of my life this particular week that we’re in right now would be. This week marks the start of my graduate program in Sociology at Rutgers University; the start of a 5-7 year long chapter of my life that’s already almost completely mapped out; and perhaps most significantly, the start of a journey that is most likely going to define the rest of my life. Getting my PhD feels, in many ways, like my official commitment to spending the rest of my life in academia — whether that be through doing research, teaching, or just generally being an insufferably intellectually curious person who’s always talking about Sociology (I hope this won’t be the case).

Although I might have been completely overdramatizing as these thoughts were running through my head, I got an intense feeling of wanting to document my time in graduate school in some meaningful way. Of wanting to record my thoughts, feelings, day-to-day routines, and struggles; doing something so that in years from now, I am able to remember what was going through my head as I was navigating this new place and what my life will be like for several years to come. But I didn’t feel the need to do this just for my own sake. I thought that maybe, if I talk about my experiences in graduate school, someone else who’s considering grad school or someone who’s having the same thoughts and experiences as me might find it useful as well. Of course, it would also be a great way to share how I’m doing and what I’m up to in a more detailed way with my family and friends. So, I decided to start this blog.

Anyway, I don’t mean for this page to be a diary or something terribly serious. I’m hoping I can post about a mix of different things such as my thoughts on current events, how my program is going, what my new apartment looks like, and just generally about my life as a graduate student whose life is sort of divided between the U.S. and Sweden. Hopefully it’ll be interesting enough to read for anyone who stumbles across it 🙂


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